Today's men face challenges no less
daunting than the hardships that once faced the rugged pioneers and explorers who opened up the West. Today, the only hope of finding our way as we explore life is to make certain that our True North is God Himself, and our Compass is His Word.

In this video series you will discover how to see the events of the day through the eyes of God, how to develop a personal time with the Lord, and how to identify and defeat the enemies of your soul. Whether you are a young adult, adult, or senior citizen, this series is a MUST for any man who truly wants to be the spiritual leader in his home that God intended him to be. Order this powerful nine-hour series and "Find Your True North" now.


If you examine virtually every social problem
in America today, at the root you will find the failure of a man. (For example, 93% of prisoners are male, and 85% of these come from fatherless homes). Today, most men in America don't know Christ and only 8% are active in discipleship. This would be like putting 12 men on a football team when only 1 of them knew how to play.

Ministering to men is tough. Today's men are busy. Distracted. Unhealthy. Isolated. And, truth be told, bored in church. Most men would love to have a closer walk with God, but it's hard to get their attention. And most pastors would love to help their men - but honestly, who's got the time? Men of the Word provides simple discipleship tools that engage men, get them into the Word, and grows them in their faith -- without adding to the pastor's already overflowing schedule. [READ MORE]

Jason Elam. Matt Lepsis. John Kasay. Extraordinary men.

Extraordinary in the success they have found in the demanding world of professional football.

And extraordinary in the personal decisions they have made to turn their lives over to God.

Bring in Jason or Matt to speak at your next event, and hear their inspiring words as they share what compelled them to move toward God, and what possibilities and promises it presents you.

Mat and Jason are two of the dynamic speakers who are available to present a personal vision of how to have a meaningful relationship with a caring God - the Men of the Word. [REQUEST A SPEECH]

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Rick Yohn

rickyohn.jpgDr. Rick Yohn is a native of Lancaster, PA, and has, for the past forty plus years, pastored churches in Canada, California, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado. In April 2010, the Lord directed Rick to transition from his pastoral position and launch "Men of the Word." Rick is the author of 14 books and Bible studies, of which one was the Campus Life Book of the Year. [Read More]

What Men are Saying

Prof-Hendricks.jpg"Rick has always been a gifted communicator...with a unique ability to guide people in individual spiritual development and spiritual enrichment."

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks

What Men are Saying


"God has gifted Rick with the ability to teach with simplicity and yet profoundness; to personally engage others with sincerity of heart and yet with truth; to speak with grace and yet with power; to prayerfully and humbly teach so as to transform rather than merely entertain."

Dr. Del Tackett
Teacher of The Truth Project
and co-host of Cross Examine

What Men are Saying

Tim-LaHaye3.jpg"Rick is able to get you to dig into the Bible and discover its practical application to life."

Dr. Tim LaHaye
author of the Left Behind series

What Men are Saying


"I first met Rick through his books and liked what I read from the get-go; inspirational, informational, instructional, and on target in application and biblical integrity. Here is a man with a relentless passion to see people maximize their potential in Christ. He is a difference maker for what counts eternally."

Jim Henry
Pastor Emeritus First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

What Men are Saying


"Rick's ministry has a powerful impact because his life matches the message he delivers. He is a man of the Word who is passionate about encouraging men to reach their God-given potential."

Dr. Charles Dyer
Moody Bible Institute "Professor-at-Large of Bible"
Host of "The Land and the Book" radio program.

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of the Bible

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