from Rick Yohn

couple-in-study.jpgSo why does a men's website have a message to wives? Good question. Let me answer with three specific reasons:

  1. PRAYER WARRIOR - The wife is often the prayer warrior behind her husband. She prays for his safety, his growth in the Word, and his spiritual leadership in the home.
  2. TIME INVESTMENT - The wife more naturally invests the time in prayer for her family and the study of God's Word. This provides an intuitive passion to see her husband succeed in his spiritual life and in the home.
  3. LOVE FOR HUSBAND - The wife is usually interested in anything that will equip her husband to be all that God has designed him to be.

Ladies, once your husband gets exposed to God's Truth in an easy-to-understand-and-digest format, the Holy Spirit will use that truth to help your husband grow both as a man of the Word and a more engaged spiritual leader in your home.

Please check out our website and study the resources we have included for your loved one. Along with those resources, we will also provide follow-up material that builds on the foundation he has laid.

You may even want to encourage your man to teach you what he has learned. Or you could invite some of your friends to the house and hold a couples' Bible study. Who knows? This may be one of the many answers to your prayers.

Rick Yohn