STEP 6. SERVICE PROJECT Recommendation:

Service projects provide purpose, adventure, challenge and significance to your team. Try and schedule one every quarter to get men into the Lord's service. The goal is to get the whole team engaged. It will require planning, as 12 men are a lot of manpower! Men should work in a minimum of two man work teams- no man should ever work alone for men bond side by side. The ideal project per quarter would be a morning service project from 7:30 show to 12:00. Breakfast and lunch are great bonding times, so try and include in your planning.

(Breakfast option)

  1. Open in Prayer
  2. Devotional on acts of service
  3. Assignment of work teams
  4. Group gathering for encouragement and dismissal

(Lunch option)

Note: Any time working with a widow or single mom, a minimum of TWO men must be present in the house or with the mom. If called out in the middle of the night- the requirement still holds. The recommendation is that a minimum of two-four guys from the team show.