First, prepare the Bible study for your own enlightenment and application. Ask God to speak to you and to strengthen you from the study as you begin to work on it. You want correct and good answers without being academic and theoretical. If you get excited about the topic of the study and its content, you are well on your way to being an exciting and animated group leader. Read through each study researching each verse and familiarizing yourself with the application thoughts in the commentary. (A great Bible is the Life Application Bible by Tyndale)

Second, look over your questions and answers. Think of the needs and interests in your group. To which parts of the study should you give more attention? Thinking through and planning in advance can make for a more effective Bible study discussion. During the actual Bible discussion you may find it wise to deviate from your original plan. Thoughtful preplanning gives you a general direction in which to move, but you must remain flexible and willing to adjust your original plan.


In your group, you want people to share what the Bible teaches, not opinions and conjectures. On one hand, we don't want people to be afraid of making theological mistakes. On the other hand, we don't want people to share opinions and hearsay. Comments need to be backed up with a Bible verse or two. Generally it is best to stick with the verses, questions, and answers in the Bible study. Don't let the discussion drift into tangents in which you and the group members have not done your homework. Stick with the subject at hand.

A leader is to lead not to teach! Watch out! Teachers teach, but leaders only "lead or facilitate". We should never be the one giving all the answers and our interpretations to the study verses. In fact, in a successful bible study, we do not need to give any. I believe that since the bible is God's words to people, our role is only there to lead people to hear from the bible, and to guide them into the depth of God's words (well, as deep as how much we can get). In that perspective, the bible study leader is more like a tour guide. Consider yourself a tour guide from now on, not a movie star. If you think that you are there to educate people of your interpretation, be careful, it is not the right attitude of a servant. As a servant, we let God do the work, through the Bible and Holy Spirit..