Your commitment to the group includes more than just the giving of your time to the weekly group session itself. Accomplishing your goal of making disciples will require additional activities on your part.

  1. Are you establishing a caring relationship with each person? Get to know them apart from your time in the group. With co-leaders, split the group and try and have meetings outside your scheduled time. The stronger your relationship with each one outside the group, the more productive the group sessions will be. Use the social time at the end of your sessions to deepen your friendship with the group members.
  2. Are you praying regularly for each group member?
  3. How are you growing as a Christian? To succeed as a leader, you must keep growing yourself.
  4. Are you following up with each man who misses a study or service project to ensure everything is OK? If not, you may have to mobilize your team to help him through a crisis: car problems to loosing a job!
  5. Remember your priorities. Don't let your responsibilities to the group override your personal relationship with God or your responsibilities to your family.