1. Start and end on time. Most people appreciate punctuality. Don't allow the time to get away from you at the end. You want the group to be eager to return next week.
  2. Try to involve each group member in all of the discussions.
  3. Avoid embarrassing anyone. Some may feel uncomfortable at first in such activities as praying aloud or group discussions.
  4. As the leader, participate in all the activities. A new group especially needs to see your example. Keep your comments brief.
  5. Be sure any instructions you give are clearly understood.
  6. Be yourself. Use the outlines given in the leader's guide for each session, but don't be mechanical about it.
  7. Be prepared. The others will be discouraged if you do not seem to know what you are doing, especially after they have taken the time themselves to prepare.
  8. Have your goals clearly in mind for each session.

Next, let's talk about what happens between the meetings...