How to Start a Small Group/Team

The Goal of Men of the Word is to inspire and educate men on the knowledge of scripture to transform their lives into the image of Christ. Therefore we have designed our content to be used in small groups/teams - ideally about 12 men with 2 being co-leaders. We have found this is the optimum for accountability, fellowship and service/mission projects.


  1. Time to socialize (target is 50% social, 50% study) and find out where every one is at - need for prayer?
  2. Open in Prayer to get guys focused
  3. Warm-up Question that deals with study topic:
  4. Present (read or listen or view) the text or study
  5. Develop the Lesson - work through verses and questions provided and your notes from preparation.
  6. Conclusion - Seek to sum up the points made in the discussion bringing the men back to the key principle, precept or promise identified and challenge them to apply it in their life situations.
  7. Pray as the men depart

The content is designed to be used successfully in small groups/teams who meet in a homes, boardrooms, etc.

Choose a co-leader: Look for someone who is you are close to, in your sphere of influence if possible, and who has a strong desire for belonging to a team of men and wants to grow in their faith. Invite them to partner with you to trade off leads as well as partner to follow up with each of the men.


As you look at those God has placed around you in church, work or the community, identify those who would be interested in going deeper in their faith. Think about those who you have been in a small group with before. Ask if any of them have friends they would like to invite to your group. The ideal number is ten, 12 including the leaders.