How to start a Men's Ministry in your Church - Based on National Best Practice models

Research shows that there are three critical components to men's ministry: True Spiritual Leadership, a Team Structure and Strong Biblical Content.

True Spiritual Leadership:

Statistics reveal that only about 12% of men have the spiritual gift of leadership - and, most leaders do not volunteer!! That means, 88% of men are looking for a strong leader to follow. The role of the church is to identify and invite those men who have this gift into key positions.

  • We have provided an online spiritual gifts assessment (based on Rom 12:6) for your use, if you need support. (This is a highly predictive resources based on the programming technology of career assessments sold to Fortune 500 companies.) We recommend that you have each of your men go on line and take the assessment - pay the $5 processing fee and a summary will be sent to the men's ministry leader you identify.
  • Click here to set up online assessments for your church

Team Structure Mens-Leagues-organization.jpg

The key leadership positions include: 2 commissioners and 2 coaches for each team.

The drawing illustrates the concept of men's ministry: There are two men at the foundation of the ministry-commissioners. These men should be from the "core" of your church, mature Christians with proven leadership skills in their families ( 1 Timothy 3). The commissioners need to work in pairs as the Bible specifies.

The first year is a critical time for the commissioners to get to know each other, to pray for each other, and to bond as brothers. They should hang out regularly; read the same books, get their families together, study material to be taught, etc. These men will be the foundation of the ministry, and they must be "partners in the gospel" in every sense of the word.

Another responsibility will be to organize a prayer team as a covering for them and the ministry. Each commissioner needs to have 2-3 (4-6 total) who pray specifically for them and the needs of the men's ministry. Keep each informed of the issues on a monthly basis through an e-newsletter. Have them pray for your leadership with spiritual protection, effectiveness, wisdom and spiritual fruit in each of the men's lives.

Also during this year, just like Jesus, look for potential team leaders -disciples. Look in the church via existing small groups, in the workplace and in the community. Seek committed followers of Jesus who have leadership gifts and a desire to disciple other men. Key concept here is that they will have the gift of leadership as identified by an assessment. The commissioners will call on these men to become "team leaders/coaches."

No Regrets ministry suggests an interviewing process. The commissioners should arrange to meet in person with each man who has volunteered or has been suggested as a potential leader and has the gift of leadership in their top two gifts.

The reason the spiritual gift of leadership is so important is that a gifted leader has the natural abilities to: identify, set and obtain goals by working through others. They will not just "manage" the team, but encourage, drive and support the team to help men fufill their special calling of bieing leaders within their sphere's of influence by Trusting-Knowing-Being-Doing what's on God's agenda as identified and enlightened through the scriptures.

Note: that you may want all the men interested in your men's ministry to take the spiritual gifts assessment, for we have found that leaders do not volunteer!! You may have to approach them and ask them to pray about becoming active with their gift in ministry for the "building up of the Kingdom." (Romans 12)

These men will also want to understand what is expected of them, so you will want to formalize a job description based on the men's ministry model you create in your church or customized from the responsibilities identified below.

The commissioners work with the coaches. Early in the process the team leaders/coaches will be encouraged to get paired up to lead a group. This will happen through the natural development of relationships in the initial leadership training as well as through existing small groups/teams. The pairs should be well established by the middle of the year one so they can be building and working with their teams.

By building this structure, look at its strength! Each man has two spiritual fathers (1 Cor 4:15) and a band of brothers. This is the great lack in the church today: men sit in church but have no support, no friends and no sense of place in the organization. In Men's teams, any man can find support, friends and a sense of place.

No man gets left behind. Men don't simply disappear or fade away; they have fathers to look after them and brothers to encourage them.

With this structure around men, expect great things to happen. As year two comes to a close, you've got a rich honeycomb of male relationships. Plus your men are already organized into functioning teams. You can transition from discipleship training to ministry opportunities,

To summarize the responsibilities of the Commissioners:

  1. Establish a prayer team
  2. Select team leaders and initial teams taking into account spiritual maturity and spiritual gifts of individuals
  3. Train leaders on responsibilities (see next section)
  4. Provide on-going oversight of leaders to ensure shepherding of men in teams
  5. Provide and lead quarterly RollCall program
  6. Link to Annual nation wide Non Regrets conference (Optional)

The 2 Team Leaders/Coaches need to drive the following:

Teams need to meet weekly or Bi-monthly:

The concept is teams. So the idea is that the teams will meet once per week for a men's study at a time and place agreed upon by the team - usually teams will choose a morning over coffee so as to not interfere with any family commitments. There is no prep, as the curriculum and the studies are designed to be developed during the study. The coaches will work with the men to decide what they need to study - we recommend you start with the core curriculum (Click here to learn more about starting a team) IF TEAMS ARE IN COUPLES SMALL GROUPS, leverage the existing relationships and have the men sign up together on the same teams. The objective is to provide a place where men can develop friendships, fellowship, knowledge and accountability for one another.

Teams need to be on call to Pastor/Elders for support of church needs 24/7.

Each of the teams will be on call for the needs in the church, especially from the single moms and widows. (The church may elect to assign widows/single moms to the small groups) However, all 12 men will not be required when called. The leader will divide his men into 4-3 man teams to be the feet on the ground and help. They will call on the rest of the men if needed. The idea is that the men are problem solvers. They need to be assigned problem that they have to address from a physical to financial needs requirement. The objective is to provide a purpose, challenge and adventure for the men so as to build an appetite for Christian service.

For example, if a widow/single mom's water heater goes out. A team will be assigned to replace it or call in a plumber to fix it and, ideally, PAY FOR IT with the help of the other 12 men. Either they all cover it or an email goes out to the rest of the men's group to help cover. For, widows/single moms and orphans are near to God's heart.

Friday Night Quarterly RollCall events

These church wide men's gatherings of the teams will be scheduled once per quarter and take on the format of: Worship, Humor, Competitive Team Object Lessons, Speaker, Team reporting time (service projects working on or just finished). Recommended that they be on include a BBQ and the formal program runs from 6:30 to 9:00 with fellowship (free) time afterwards. The objective is to provide a rallying point to encourage and inspire the men to stay engaged.

Teams need to do a Quarterly service project:

Each team leader must identify, in accordance to what the team has established as their purpose, an organization or individual to support through service projects. Every quarter, the team must "engage in acts of service" for the kingdom. This involves a Saturday morning from 8:00-12:00 (click here to see proposed format). The objective is to actively engage men in the work of the Lord allowing them to experience Kingdom work and to bond with the other men as they face a new challenge/adventure together.

Teams need to participate in nationwide No Regrets conference (Recommended)

The No Regrets conference provides a means to gather the men within your church and/or community to come together for worship, encouragement and training. It is a great men's outreach event. The idea is that a church or group of churches will come together and host the event for the city as one of their quarterly RollCall events in February as they join the national broadcast.

  • Click here to learn how to host a conference in your church or city

The goal is not to burden men with ministry but engage men in ministry! If you are a young dad, you will not be called upon for any support outside the event itself. Leaders will be men who have the gift of leadership and align with the Biblical requirements and have time for the extra commitment involved in the planning and administration.