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rickyohn.jpg Dr. Rick Yohn, president and founder of Men of the Word, is a native of Lancaster, PA, and has, for the past forty plus years, pastored churches in Canada, California, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado. But in April 2010, the Lord directed Rick to transition from his pastoral position and launch "Men of the Word."

Rick has always had a passion to help men in their walk with the Lord by teaching God's Word to men throughout his ministry. As his ministry continues, Rick has become more intentional on equipping men to trust, know, and live God's Word in their spheres of influence, through the ministry of "Men of the Word."

God has used Rick as an effective communicator, speaking in churches, on college and seminary campuses, in Bible conferences, and to NFL players. Rick has also led many tours to the Holy Land and possesses a deep passion for the people of Israel and the Middle East.

Rick attended Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, and is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University (B.S.), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM), and Talbot Seminary (DMin). He is also the author of 14 books and Bible studies, of which one was the Campus Life Book of the Year. A number of his books have been translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, African, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Del-Tacket4.jpg"Rick is one of those special people that God has gifted with the ability to teach with simplicity and yet profoundness; to personally engage others with sincerity of heart and yet with truth; to speak with grace and yet with power; to prayerfully and humbly teach so as to transform rather than merely entertain."

Dr. Del Tackett
Teacher of The Truth Project and Co-Host of Cross Examine

Tom-Doyle.jpg"Rick Yohn has the gift of teaching, and God uses him to make the Bible come alive in people's lives. He has been teaching and training for nearly 4 decades and has insight like few others. His intense love for God and the Scriptures make him a teacher's teacher. He has also traveled extensively in Israel and so his lessons are fresh and transforming. He is an expert on the history of the Word of God and the Biblical study of the nation of Israel. I could listen to Rick teach the Bible for hours!"

Tom Doyle
Vice-President of e3 Partners and Middle East Director

LeBlanc.jpg"Dynamic, Compelling, Knowledgeable. These are three traits that describe Rick Yohn. As a television host, it takes a special man to captivate me. With stage presence and oratory command, Rick Yohn possesses that ability. His understanding of God's Word and the truths of the Bible, and his ability to communicate those principals to the layperson, is what really sets Rick apart from most pastors. His teaching ability is second to none. Rick Yohn is truly a man after God's heart."

Stephen LeBlanc
Sculptor and Television host, Browning Expeditions