Five Ways
to Learn to Experience God's Word

Men of the Word provides basic and intensive training in scripture to help men win at home and in their sphere's of influence. Our intent is to give men the seminary light knowledge they need to be the pastor's of their homes, and the leaders in their church and communities that God calls them to be. Like college or seminary, we have designed the content with scope and sequence. Therefore, we recommend starting with the core curriculum in any of the following settings.

  1. Personal interaction: You can order the core curriculum DVDs and watch them at your convenience on you computer when at home having a quiet time or on your laptop when traveling. Use the leader's notes for each session to truly study, meditate and apply its content.
  2. Use as Existing Small Group Content: The curriculum can be used in a small group, as leader's and user's guides are provided on the DVD. Have the leader review one lesson ahead of time from the Leader's guide and then print off the user work sheets. When the lesson is complete - work through the discussion questions as a group. The leader can summarize the comments and point them back to the key principle identified with each question in the Leader's guide.
  3. Use to Start a Small Group or Team: This curriculum and Bible Studies provide a unique opportunity to gather friends, co-workers or neighbors who are interested in learning the truth claims of the Bible. Watch the videos and then using the leader's and user's guides lead a discussion on its content. Click here for How to Start a Small Group
  4. Use in a Large Church or Communitywide Men's Gathering: Working with your pastor, present the concept of bringing the men of the church together for the 9 hour series, where the host can use the leader's guide to drive the session. Click here for How to Host a Church/Community Gathering
  5. Launch a Men's Ministry in your Church: This provides a great catalyst to bring men together in a non-threatening environment for either small groups meeting at different items of their choice or a church wide gathering. Click here for How to Start a Men's Ministry in Your Church

Before you begin any of these options, start with prayer! You want to seek the Lord's guidance to understand what He wants for your men. Pray that He would give you and your team a clear vision for your men and your church.