Why Men of the Word?

A message from Rick Yohn

Having pastored a number of churches over forty years, I felt that I had a pretty good handle on meeting the needs of my men year after year. However, once I transitioned from my last church to "Men of the Word," I began to reflect on the impact that I had over those years and soon discovered that I was in for a "reality check."

Throughout my ministry, I conducted annual Bible Studies for Men. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with men, and usually received good feedback from them. I even had the opportunity to conduct a Bible Study for the Denver Broncos over a six-month period.

However, I realized that all of those studies lacked any accountability. The men came to the study, listened, interacted with questions, took notes, and then went home. Some of the men experienced obvious transformation in their lives, while others eventually disengaged along the way.

I concluded that men not only need to be under the Word of God, but they need to be in the Word for themselves. And that's what Men of the Word is all about - helping men to get into the Scriptures for themselves, so they experience a continuous spiritual transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Men of the Word is "Product-Based," with videos, books, and Bible studies, but "Ministry-Driven."  We provide continuous follow-up for those men who want to get serious with God and His Word.

Since one cannot become a "man of God" without the "Word of God," our passion is to help men explore the Bible themselves, and discover how God has wired them, and how to engage their uniqueness, so that they impact their family, their church, and their community for Jesus Christ.