John-Kasay6.jpgJohn Kasay

John Kasay graduated from the University of Georgia in 1991, and was drafted in 1991 by the Seattle Seahawks. He led the team in scoring all four years, and left the team with the highest field goal percentage in team history. John was signed by the Carolina Panthers as a free agent in 1995 and has played 15 years for the Panthers. Today John kicks for the New Orleans Saints. John is known for his knowledge of God's Word and his desire to communicate that truth to men.

What does John say about his own personal faith? "As an NFL kicker, I've experienced a lot of high points and low points. I know what it's like to kick a game-winning field goal - everybody loves you. I also know the feeling of missing one or more potential game winners - nobody wants to be around you. It's great to know that no matter what happens on the field, God still loves me, and even when I go through tough times, He's with me, and I can experience His peace."

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