guidance-old-and-new.jpgDon't you admire those rugged pioneers and explorers who opened up the West for us? When you consider the hardships they endured as they traversed the mountains, prairies, and rivers of this beautiful country, you have to admit that it took a lot of courage to travel from East to West. For many of those brave souls, the one tool that kept them out of even greater danger was the "compass."

Today, in our fast-paced lifestyles, we have the advantage of the GPS, which helps us find our way through the city streets and country roads. Whether you are using the navigation in your car, on your iPad, or your Smartphone, you can protect yourself from getting lost and losing time.

But what about the "Journey of Life?" What instrument can we use to traverse the mountains and valleys that we face on a daily basis? How can we protect our families and ourselves from veering off the path that leads to a fulfilled and meaningful life and falling into the pitfalls of our culture?

The only hope of finding our way through life is to make certain that our True North is God Himself, and our Compass/GPS is His Word. The Scriptures inform us, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Psalm 119:105). When we understand how relevant this ancient book is for our day-to-day decisions, we not only will become a better person, but also the man God designed us to become.

And that 's what this video series is designed to accomplish. You will learn why you can trust your Bible. You will also gain both an "overview" of Scripture, as well as an learn how to study the Bible for yourself. And you will discover how to see the events of the day through the eyes of God (a Biblical worldview), how to develop a personal time with the Lord, and how to identify and defeat the enemies of your soul. This series is a MUST for any man who truly wants to be the spiritual leader in his home that God intended him to be.

Yohn1.jpgWho is the instructor of this series? A man, who has been ministering to other men for over forty years of his life, teaches this series. Whether he is speaking to professional athletes, businessmen, or the man at the grocery store, Dr. Rick Yohn's teaching is relevant, personal, and focused on life-change.

biblepages1.jpgWho will benefit from this series? Whether you are a young adult, adult, or senior citizen, you will come to understand God in a deeper, more personal way than ever before. In addition to what you gain personally, your family will benefit greatly, as they see you live out the truth to which you've been exposed throughout this thirty-five segment series. Don't allow this opportunity to escape you. Order now online this powerful nine-hour series and "Find Your True North."

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