Our Seven Core Values



We value a Biblical Worldview, which helps us interpret and evaluate the various events in our lives through the eyes of God and His Word. However, only 4% of Americans possess a Biblical Worldview and only 9% of those who claim to be "born again" possess such a view.


We value God's Word as the inspired and authoritative Word of God. The Bible is God's revelation to man, without error in the original writings, and is profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

3) MEN

We value men, who are created in God's image and likeness. However, man lost his innocence back in the Garden of Eden and has experienced spiritual separation from God and loss of personal identity ever since. Men today are searching for their "manhood," and will never truly discover who they are until they see themselves through God's original design and purpose for them, as revealed in the pages of Scripture.


We value a Quiet Time, where men learn how to spend time with the Lord in prayer and the study of His Word. It is during these special moments that men speak to God and then allow God to speak to them through His Word.


We value Small Groups for men, where the men experience the authentic teaching of God's Word, and are given both responsibility and accountability to learn, participate, and serve others.


We value the Church Universal, established by the Lord Himself, and built upon the teachings of the prophets and the apostles. We recognize that at one time the Church had a strong presence of men, but today it is becoming increasingly "feminized," because men no longer see the Church as relevant for their lives. According to David Murrow, author of the book, "Why Men Hate Going To Church," the average church in America draws a crowd that is 61% female and 39% male. Furthermore, only 10% of the churches today have a Men's Ministry, and many of those that do, cease to function after two years. We want to make a difference in churches by helping them develop a dynamic Men's Ministry that will equip men to become all that God has planned for them.


We value the Family and God's structure for the family, where the man is the "spiritual leader" in the home. This means that he is responsible for his family's spiritual well being, and is accountable to God how he manages his family. We are committed to equipping men to understand and function as the spiritual leader.