Bob Marquardt

Bob.png Through his years of ministry Bob has done an extensive study of Jesus' principles and methods of developing disciples. He designed the Department of Local Church Christian Education curriculum at Philadelphia Biblical University to prepare graduates to follow His principles and to implement His methods in local church and para-church ministries.

The core of all such ministry today is personal inductive study of the Bible. Bob follows the historical grammatical rules of Bible interpretation to help students and adults study and apply the Scriptures for themselves and for them to do the same with others.

Bob is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University (BS in Bible), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), New York University (MA in education) and New York University PhD studies.

For twenty years Bob served at Philadelphia Biblical University as Vice President for Student Affairs, Chairman of the Local Church Department of Christian Education, Executive Vice President, and Acting President.

Bob and his wife Carol now reside in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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